Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Second Day of 3B Christmas: Guruji

You are practicing Ashtanga yoga because of him- The Man, the Legend, the Guru- Pattabhi Jois. Read about him and his life as a Guru to some of North America’s most popular teachers. Today save 20% on Guruji !

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bronwen: Adventure Chic Jewelry

The Sun Salutation Strip-Down. Not an official name of a yoga pose or an inappropriate sequence of postures, but the process that naturally happens when a woman does her first sun salutation. After all these years of practicing yoga I still find myself having to simplify what I am wearing and how I am wearing my clothes, hair, and JEWELRY, so I can move through the salutations with ease. However, I can now move through a sun salutation with more ease and less distraction because of my necklace choice.

For Bronwen and me it was love at Downward Dog- finally a necklace that didn't get caught around my chin when my head dropped below my heart. Five breaths later, when jumping up to the top of the yoga mat, my love deepened for this necklace because it did not bang me in the teeth! Not only will this jewelry not physically assault you, it is beautiful, charming and unique.

Thank you Bronwen for easing mine and many other women’s “strip-down” as we actively participate in life.

Check the Bronwen post below about the designer’s inspiration to provide jewelry for active yet elegant women.